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Cassette player (skeleton type, stereo playback)

This is a cassette player with a skeleton front and back.
It is equipped with a stereo playback head, and the auto-reverse function allows continuous playback from side A to side B.

■ Operating specifications and standards Track method: Stereo Playback method: With auto-reverse function switching Functions: Play, stop, fast forward, rewind, volume Output terminal: 3.5mm mini jack Interface: USB-C
PC recording format: MP3
Power supply: 2 1.5V AA batteries or USB power supply *This product does not have a charging function.
Continuous playback time: Approximately 10 hours: Uses alkaline batteries Dimensions: 112mm x 80mm x 31mm
Device weight: approx. 150g

*This product can play normal bias tape, high bias tape, and metal tape, but it does not have an equalizer function that allows you to adjust the magnetic tape characteristics or wear-resistant characteristics.
*This product does not have the ability to record to cassette tapes.
*Please note that specifications may change without prior notice.

USB power supply cable Simple earphones Instruction manual and warranty card *This product does not come with batteries.

■About playback speed● Generally, cassette playback devices (decks, players, etc.) have individual differences in playback speed, and strictly speaking, all speeds are different (Incidentally, even in the 1990s, when cassettes were at their peak, the tolerance for new products on the market was said to be 0.5% to 2%). We adjust the playback speed when the product is shipped from the factory, but individual differences may occur depending on the initial operation and frequency of use.
This product has a function that allows you to fine-tune the motor rotation speed. There is a small hole in the lower right corner of the panel on the back of the main unit, and by inserting a flat-head precision screwdriver into this hole and turning it left and right, you can fine-tune the tape speed.
●When using a cassette player near electrical appliances or other objects that emit electromagnetic waves, electrical "noise" may occur. In addition, "noise" may also occur due to vibration of the tape. In the 1980s, when cassettes were at their peak, high-spec, high-end models manufactured by major Japanese manufacturers had a special stabilizer function that fixed the cassette body in an optimal state, reducing vibration and enabling stable sound quality playback with less "noise." However, since this product is a gadget-like item, it does not have high-precision functions. Please note in advance.

*This product cannot be shipped overseas.

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