Legal notice

■ Name
w.o.d. Official Store

■ Seller
Tapirs Inc.
President and CEO: Takayuki Mori
2-10-4 Mita, Minato-ku, Tokyo
※ We do not accept inquiries by telephone to our main telephone number.
Please contact us through the inquiry form at our website.

■ Consignor
Jisedai Inc.
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■ Contact Information
Support Desk
Email address:
Telephone No.: 050-5824-5124 (※ We currently do not accept inquiries by telephone)
Replies to inquiries will only be made on business days (weekdays excluding Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, summer holidays, and year-end and New year’s holidays).
※ The above contact information is only for mail-order service.
Please refrain from making inquiries other than for mail-order service.


■ Ordering Method
Please place your order through the designated form on the website.

■ Payment Method
Credit card payment/ convenience store payment/QR code payment/atone next month payment

■ Payment Due Date
【Convenience store payment】
The payment due date will be “Order date + 3 days”.
(e.g. Order date: December 1, 2021 → Payment due date: December 4, 2021) (advance payment)
Orders will be automatically cancelled if no payment is made, as you will be regarded as having no intention to make the purchase.

■ Required Fees Other than Payment of Goods (Shipment Fee, Commission Fee and Consumption Tax)
• Shipment fee
For domestic shipping
By courier service: 950 yen
Delivery to the mailbox (Nekopos): 450 yen (throughout Japan)

For overseas shipping
Information of shipping fees for overseas delivery are available on the payment screen for goods.

• Commission fee
Commission fee for convenience store payment: 330 yen

Customer will incur fees (such as communication fees) that are required to view or otherwise use our website pages.
Please contact your mobile phone carrier for information on the above fees.

■ Sales Quantity
Certain goods may be sold in limited quantity.
Please note that we may be sold out.
For detailed information, please check the website page of the goods.
Orders for profit purpose or with the intention of reselling is prohibited.

■ Delivery of Goods (Time of Delivery)
Goods will generally be shipped by the following schedule:
 if by convenience store payment: within 10 business days after confirmation of payment
 if by credit card payment, atone next month payment or QR code payment: within 10 business days after confirmation of order.
(※ approximately 10 days excluding Saturdays, Sundays and national holidays)
Please note that the goods will be “shipped” but will not “arrive” within the above days; therefore, the actual days for delivery will depend on the location of customer and transportation conditions.
※ If goods that you order have different release dates, shipment will be made after the last release date.
Please be forewarned that delivery may be delayed for the following reasons:
・ if a large number of orders are made at one time;
・ if we temporarily run out of stock;
・ if delivery becomes impossible due to worsening of transportation conditions for reasons such as weather, disasters and spread of diseases;
・ if there is delay in the production of the goods;
・ if there is inadequacy in the order or payment (such as excess or deficiency in the fee); or
・ if shipment service is temporary suspended due to summer holidays, year-end and New year’s holidays or consecutive holidays.

Please contact us at our website if goods do not arrive even though 1 month passed from the order date (in the case of layaway products, from the scheduled delivery date).

■ Cancellation
After completion of purchase, we do not accept return or replacement of any goods for reasons attributable to you.
Please also note in advance that we will not make any refunds of any payment paid.

■ Defective Goods
If there is any defect in our delivered goods or if wrong goods are delivered, please inform us within 7 days from the arrival of the goods.
We will not make any replacement of goods for defects, etc. that are informed to us after the expiration of such 7 days period; therefore, please make sure to check goods upon arrival.
If you receive any defective goods, we will replace it with a non-defective one.
Please note that we will not accept any return of goods.
Replacement of goods will only be made for defective goods or in the event wrong goods are delivered.

※ Please note in advance that if goods are sold out at the time of replacement, we will refund the purchase price.

【Replacement will not be made in the following events】
・ if 7 days has elapsed from the date of arrival of goods;
・ if goods are already used;
・ if goods are damaged or defaced at the customer;
・ if there is only minute manufacturing defect that may be generally determined as within the scope of non-defective products.

■ Required Operating Environment
Please be aware that, depending on the environment that you use, services may be unavailable.

About payment method

credit card
VISA/Mastercard/JCB/American Express can be used.
No payment fee is required for credit card payments.

Convenience store settlement
Payment can be made from Lawson/FamilyMart/Ministop/Daily/Seicomart.
The settlement fee for convenience store settlement is uniformly 330 yen (tax included).
Please pay at any of the convenience stores selected on the payment method input screen within 3 days from the day after the order date.

QR payment
PayPay/Merpay/LINE PAY can be used.
No payment fee is required for QR payment.

atone next month payment (convenience store/account transfer)
It is a next month payment that anyone can use immediately. You can pay for this month's usage at a convenience store or by bank transfer in the following month.
For details, please see the official page of atone .

About product delivery


Standard delivery: 950 yen
Nekoposu: 450 yen
Delivery to overseas: The amount varies depending on the country and region. Please check the payment page.